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Aus dem Gegebenen - Forum Stadtpark Graz

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

VR Installation, "Aus dem Gegebenen" opening on June 4th at Forum Stadtpark. Inspired by the following quote about the opening of Forum Stadtpark Graz, in the 1950s...(original first, followed by my English translation).

“Ihr Wesen und ihr Zweck sind ausschließlich auf Tätigkeit gerichtet, auf die Erfüllung eines permanenten Programmes, für das es keines Manifestes und keiner ideellen Ausrichtung bedarf, weil es aus der Situation, aus dem Gegebenen und aus der Wahrnehmung des Möglichen wachsen will.” - Alois Hergouth (1960)

My rough translation: "It's essence and goals are positioned exclusively in activities, through the implementation of a permanent program for which there is no manifesto and no ideological alignment, [precisely] because [the essence] will grow from the situation, from that-which-is-there, and from the acknowledgment (or, perception) of the possibilities [at hand]."

My installation consists of a 3D render of the Forum Stadtpark filled with video and sound works made for the occasion. The work was inspired by this above quote from Alois Hergouth, a quote about the motives and aims of the Forum Stadtpark in Graz at the time of its opening, when it was a projected idea for a new space for art, music, and poetry. The Forum Stadtpark was hoped to be a gathering place for young people and artists in post-war Graz and its building was petitioned by three artists, initially refused, and then widely supported by Graz newspapers, cultural leaders, and public. The theme of my work was myself "encountering" Forum Stadtpark, first through familiarizing myself with the history, and then through encounters with the building itself, "aus dem Gegebenen."


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