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Sunday Recommendations 9.8.19

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

1) When Writers Attack:

In honor of UFC 242, which took place last night, found this article poignant. Writers and artists´obsessions with fighting. Also, insecurity as a writer, when considering who might attack me because of my blog (as if they would care enough)?

2) Kaja Silverman´s, The Acoustic MIrror: The Female Voice in Psychoanalysis and Cinema

"...classic cinema designates less a formal system ... than a textual model which holds the female voice and body insistently to the interior of the diegesis, while relegating the male subject to a position of apparent discursive exteriority by identifying him with mastering speech, vision, or hearing."

3) Bunko Gakki by Maywa Denki

One of my favorite pieces at this year´s ars electronica were these small instruments, that were in the shape of small books, and which looked like books when placed on a bookshelf. Found in the Device Art section, I was charmed by the call to fun by these Japanese artists.

4) Ai Wada and Electronicos Fantasticos!

Another hit for me at the Ars Electronica Festival was the band Electronicos Fantasticos! who turn vintage appliances into musical instruments all the while playing hip techno-y midi-style music. Impressed again by the Japanese call to fun. (Into the electromagnetic punk). I want to write simple melodies and 8-bit like music. Leave us alone, high art!


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