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Sunday Recommendations Oct. 13

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Porgy & Bess

I had the wonderful pleasure of attending Porgy and Bess at the Metropolitan Opera. A fascinating opera which lives on the cusp of the genre opera and the birth of american musical theater. I always struggled to accept the differences between the two genres and I always loved music which sits in between two worlds. My teacher Wolfgang Rihm once told me "thats the best place to be: zwischen die Stühle (between the stools) - too hot for some, and too cold for the others." Interesting questions surrounding race and the intention of the opera arise. The libretto depicts African American language and slang, however one can´t help and feel that it pokes fun at the intended setting, insensitively by today´s standards. Yet Gershwin intended that the opera be performed by an entire black cast - a sight, which especially at the Metropolitan Opera - seems to be quite progressive, and positive. The music is undeniably moving and fun and contains a rare musical language. Is it an unhealthy appropriation? Is the opportunity for African American musicians which this opera provides sincere?

Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine, an African musician turned politician, was put on house arrest in his home town i order to prevent him from going to his own concert. A dramatic escape involving a motorcycle which jumped walls and flew through crowds was caught on video and played in the world media.

Some of his music:

David A. Jaffe - Silicon Valley Breakdown

Tug boats :) I indeed like the sound.


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