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Weekly Recommendations 06.04.2020

Deepak Chopra on the Coronavirus

Deepak Chopra had some positive words on the virus. Listening to him was quite relaxing. The virus reminds us that all borders are imaginary. To strenghten our immune system we need restful sleep, excercise and movement, and deep breathing.

Gansu folk-singer Zhang Gasong

A popular folk singer in China wrote a song about the situation. Its not often I hear a folk song from China, which is pertinent to now, and which also comes with an English translation. .

You´re Likely To Get the Corona Virus

This article in the Atlantic by James Hamblin, despite the provactive title, was reassuring. However, I had to observe what an excellent piece of writing this is. Think of all the facts and data he brings together and assembles into this easy-to-read and informative article. It should be inspiring to all authors.

Miss Staten Island banned from Parade

Why doesn´t everyone like Elizabeth Warren? Why aren´t there more Vegans? How could the U.S. election leave us with a choice of candidates who are all only older men and white older men? I think these questions to myself and wonder who are the people - and how can they exist? - those that, never mind vote for Trump, but rather eagerly vote for Joe Biden, who don´t care about the environment, who use plastic, who - etc. "They surely must be in the minority!" - I think to myself. Then, I read the article below that proclaims that Miss Staten Island was banned from the St. Patrick´s Day Parade in New York City for coming out as bi-sexual and I realize I live in a bubble: a sweet, exquisite, refined and highly educated bubble, but a bubble nontheless.

The beauty of the St. Patrick´s Day Parade in New York City being a religiously organized parade is that it doesn´t have the same amount of advertisements as the Thanksgiving Day Parade, for example. It doesn´t have the same constant bombardment of buy and sell capitalism typical of the Macy´s organized parade. The St. Patrick´s Day Parade instead features mostly high school bands and representatives of Irish counties who come together to march down 5th Avenue in the city, in what is, for most, an enjoyable event. I used to go myself. I used to skip school and go and listen to the barrage of bagpipes and snare drums. I love bagpieps and snare drums! Yet, when the parade bans people for their private preferences, I think I am ready to embrace capitalism in all its glory. I´m no expert in ethics, however I would think that, regardless of the parade organizers´ religious views, Miss Staten Island should be welcomed as a guest and treated with respect, not publicly embarassed and shamed. Why is sexuality so important to theology anyway?


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