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Weekly Recommendations 15.12.19

Hilary Clinton and Howard Stern (

I had been hearing Stern mention on how if Hillary had came on his show she might have won the election. He makes interesting points that he has many voters in swing states and many voters who would be on the fence about Trump or Hilary. He mentioned he wanted to humanize her and get her elected. They had a very interesting conversation recently (of course after the election) and Clinton is a pleasure to listen to.

Tony Ferguson: A WIngChun study (

UFC performers are getting more clever and more interesting in their adaption of various training methods. I find it fascinating. Guilty pleasure! The interesting thing about someone like TOny Ferguson, or MMA, in general is the appreciation of being versatile. How this works for a composer, artist, instrumentalist, etc. is obvious. One doesn´t need to feel guilty of having divers musical interests. The total hours, the total area of expertise, the wide reach, you never know when the little element you invested time in won´t come back to help you succeed.

Tyson Fury Shower story (

Every win counts! Fury went on to upset Klitschko, he believes it started in the sauna years ago. I find it a very funny story!

Gesu no Kiwami Otome (

I discovered this Japanese band on my favorite show, Terrace House. Their mix of pop and funk with complex structure and effortless execution all the while remaining funny and silly is really refreshing for me. It seems Japanese artists are free to be uncool in a way that makes them cool. Does this make sense, even?


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